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Birlou Apple & Chesnut Liqueur

Birlou Apple & Chesnut Liqueur

  • Imported from France
  • Birlou was originally a homemade liqueur created by Henri Monier to be served to customers in his workshop in Veinazès, in the Cantal region.
  • His recipe consisted of a mixture of chestnut liqueur, apple syrup and beer, hence the name Bir for bière ( and Lou for pelou, a municipal name in Massif Central for the chestnut tree.
  • Birlou will make your taste buds tingle and transport you to the chestnut forests of Cantal, France.
  • Perfectly balanced apple and chestnut flavours give this liqueur a broad appeal.
  • Available in 700 ml x 6 glass bottle
  • Alcohol content : 18%
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