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Cargo Cult Dry Spiced Rum 38.5% 700ml

Cargo Cult Dry Spiced Rum 38.5% 700ml

  • Imported from Australia.

  • Cargo Cult is a premium handcrafted small batch spiced rum that made with rums from Papua New Guinea and Fiji that are blended and spiced in Australia.

  • Founder, Jonny Croft first heard about CARGO CULTS from his father, who’d been a doctor at an Australian naval base in Papua New Guinea during the 60’s.

  • CARGO CULT is a craft rum, produced by hand in small, individually numbered batches.The hand cut sugarcane is grown in the rich volcanic soil of the sun drenched Ramu River Valley.

  • Traditionally distilled in copper, then barrel aged in oak, under intense tropical heat.

  • CARGO CULT has NO added sugar, so is uncommonly dry.

  • Most spiced rum is overly sweet and cloying, but the dry spices in CARGO CULT perfectly balance the natural sweetness of the cane.

  • Silver award winning in San Francisco World Spirits 2017.

  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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