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Clément Canne Bleue 2016 50% 700ml

Clément Canne Bleue 2016 50% 700ml

  • Imported from Martinique.
  • First agricole rhum in the world made from pure sugar cane juice distilled using only one variety of sugar cane (named “Canne bleue” due to its purplish grey reflections). The Canne Bleue 2016 stands out with its fruity aromatic tones.
  • The 2016 vintage, full of generosity, offers robust characteristics! Its herbal (lemongrass), spiced (peppery), floral (white blossom) citruses (kaffir lime) notes will make this vintage an ideal white rhum for a high quality Ti’punch….The design of this 16th Edition of “Canne Bleue” is revolutionary! Rhum Clément offers the first 3D bottle in the world featuring a “work of art” design oriented around urban art and using a truly innovative design technic. It’s a small wink to the Clément foundation, modern art foundation, that unveiled its new spaces at the famous Habitation Clément in 2016.
  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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