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Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole X.O. 42% 700ml

Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole X.O. 42% 700ml

  • Imported from Martinique.
  • Habitation Clément releases every year carefully selected aged Rhum Agricole as part of their Grand Reserve portfolio. With a beautiful dark mahogany color, Clément 6 year old Rhum Agricole has been distilled from fresh pressed sugarcane juice and aged a minimum of 6 years in a combination of virgin and re-charred oak barrels, yielding an exceptional aged Agricole Rhum, with a beautiful smokey aroma and long lingering finish.
  • This rum is accentuated by the intense charred wood flavors balanced by the natural sweetness of the sugarcane distillate and displays some of the finest floral notes and pure character of the Clément cellar.
  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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