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La Blanche Christian Drouin Clear Calvados 40% 700ml

La Blanche Christian Drouin Clear Calvados 40% 700ml

  • Apple brandy from Normandy region, France.
  • Due to the increasing interest & demand by some of the most influential barmen expressed an interest in a tannin-free Calvados which would not modify the colour of the cocktails and which offered well developed apple flavours, Christian Drouin decided to re-launch this apple cider spirit and to call it “Blanche de Normandie”
  • Blanche de Normandie is obtained by distillation of cider derived from the 30 best varieties of cider apples in its orchards. The ciders undergo double distillation in copper stills. After ageing for 18 months in a neutral recipient, Blanche de Normandie emerges as a delicate eau-de-vie whose charm lies in its bouquet and savours.
  • Award winning with Silver Medal, San Francisco 2007 (USA); Prix des Vinalies Nationales 2004 (France); Gold Medal, Estonian Wine Challenge 2004 (Estonia)

  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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