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Master’s London Dry Gin 40% 700ml

Master’s London Dry Gin 40% 700ml

  • Imported from Spain.
  • Master’s London Dry Gin coins a new term on the front of their bottle: Triple distilled gin. And trades on a very familiar one: London Dry Gin.
  • Master’s is distilled in Spain at Destilerías MG who can trace their origin as spirits producers back to 1835. Some sources on the internet suggest that Master’s London Dry Gin has been made continuously since 1982.
  • Grain alcohol is redistilled in a pot still with Spanish estate-grown juniper, Spanish coriander, and Guatemalan cardamom. After this round, three separate macerations of Spanish citrus are introduced: sweet orange from Valencia, bitter orange from Seville, and lemons from Seville. Each of these macerations is rested separately for a full year being blended together and distilled again. At last, the juniper-coriander-cardamom distillate is blended with the citrus distillate and bottled in a cobalt blue glass decanter.
  • The botanicals matter is filtered out and Master’s London Dry Gin is distilled to 79% ABV before being diluted with neutral grain spirit and mineral water to bring it to final proof.
  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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