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Punt e Mes Vermouth 16% 750ml

Punt e Mes Vermouth 16% 750ml

  • Imported from Italy.
  • Punt e Mes is one of the world’s most popular red vermouths.
  • Introduced by Carpano in 1870 in Milan.
  • Punt e Mes is the Piedmontese translation of “a point and a half”.
  • Punt E Mes vermouth is a combination of dry white wine and alcohol which is then flavoured with a blend of aromatic herbs to give it its unique taste.
  • Punt e Mes is traditionally served as an aperitif, well chilled, with a splash of soda, decorated with an orange peel or a generous slice of orange. It’s also enjoyed with orange juice, tonic or straight on the rocks. A base of world famous cocktails.
  • 750ml x 6 bottles
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