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Ty Nant Still Mineral Water 1500ml (PET Bottle)

Ty Nant Still Mineral Water 1500ml (PET Bottle)

  • The Ty Nant’s stylish PET bottle was designed by internationally renowned designer Ross Lovegrove whose visionary design has won numerous awards and accolades for the undulating ripples that evoke the motion of flowing water. The visually stunning bottle design has appeared in worldwide galleries and museums as a work of art and was voted one of the best designs of the past 25 years in Esquire Magazine as well as the 8th coolest thing in the world by style bible ARENA magazine.
  • Bottled at source in the remote and unspoiled Welsh hamlet of Bethania, Ty Nant natural mineral water is drawn from a natural aquifer, approximately 400 million years old. The well protected source is located on 100% organically maintained land.
  • Certified organic water. Certified Halal mineral water.
  • 1500ml x 12 bottles
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