Envy NV Triple Distilled Vodka 37.5% 700ml

  • Imported from France.
  • Envy triple-distilled vodka has a vibrant, crystalline appearance which immediately hints at the purity of this 100% grain style. With delicate, refined aromas it is both gentle and rich with a soft, mellow texture and a lovely, discreet spice which persists on the finish.
  • A whistle-clean and harmonious Vodka that will not fail to lift any party.
  • Envy Vodka is selected from the finest natural grain and distilled using authentic, traditional techniques. The freshly harvested grain is slowly fermented allowing their distiller to craft the cleanest possible spirit through the careful process of triple distillation. Its natural purity gives it intrinsic appeal and makes it an ideal base for cocktails and mixers.
  • 700ml x 6 bottles