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Esprit Fig Liqueur 18% 500ml

  • Imported from France.

  • Esprit de Figues, is the world’s first true fresh fig liqueur.

  • Crafted and bottled at a 150-year-old distillery in Burgundy, France.

  • Esprit de Figues’ distillation process involves infusing fresh Violette de Bordeaux figs, grown in Morocco, with high quality French beet spirit (also used in Cointreau, St Germain and Chambord) for 3 months.

  • The spirit’s vibrant purple hue is derived from the Violette de Bordeaux fig skins.

  • It comes in a weighty bottle adorned with the Esprit de Figues crest – a modern expression of French Art Nouveau – with gold label embossing representing luxury and exclusivity and a fig as the heart of the design.

  • Esprit de Figues is divine when mixed with a dash of champagne or prosecco.

  • The liqueur is already being poured at internationally renowned bars such as Claridges, Savoy and Ritz Carlton in London

  • 500ml x 6 bottles
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