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Antica Formula Vermouth 16.5% 1000ml

Antica Formula Vermouth 16.5% 1000ml

  • Carpano Antica Formula is imported from Italy. The 1st original vermouth in the world. Arguably the best sweet vermouth in the world. Antica Formula is the king of red vermouth. This highly sought-after red vermouth is made to an original recipe dating from 1786.
  • Antica Formula is an authentic sweet vermouth invented by Antonio Benedetto Carpano in Turin in 1786.
  • The vermouth is made from white wine – Moscato from Piedmont, with some rich wines from Southern Italy – and selected mountain herbs.
  • Antica Formula is produced in limited quantities and packaged in exclusive numbered blown glass bottles with a replica 18th Century label, a traditional cork & red seal. Antica Formula is a much appreciated ingredient in exclusive cocktails and a special addition to classics such as the Manhattan or Americano, in top Italian and international lounges. It gives every cocktail a special, unrivalled touch. It’s the favourite of bartenders throughout the world.
  • 1000ml x 6 bottles
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