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Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum 38% 700ml

Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum 38% 700ml

  • Imported from Australia.

  • Cargo Cult is a premium handcrafted small batch spiced rum that made with rums from Papua New Guinea and Fiji that are blended and spiced in Australia.

  • A versatile choice for both sipping and mixing, this innovative spirit infuses perfectly ripened bananas from North Queensland, Australia with Cargo Cult’s naturally spiced rum from the South Pacific. Unique in the category, the recipe contains no added sugar, allowing the rum’s natural flavours to shine.

  • Requiring to be fully ripe to extract optimal flavour, bananas are notoriously difficult to work with, yet the reward is clear in the satisfyingly sweet notes of this smooth spiced rum.

  • It delivers aromas of ripe banana, cinnamon, nutmeg and sweet vanilla, perfectly balanced by Cargo Cult’s signature dry finish. Perfect for cocktails, it makes a superb Banana Daiquiri or Old Fashioned.

  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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