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Carpano Vermouth Bianco (White) 14.9% 1000ml

Carpano Vermouth Bianco (White) 14.9% 1000ml

  • Imported from Italy.
  • The family name Carpano stands for the invention of vermouth, created by Antonio Benedetto Carpano nel 1786 in his bar right in the heart of Turin and precisely in piazza Castello, in front of the Royal Palace.
  • With the product invented by Carpano that vermouth had and incredible success, that was forcing him to keep his bar open 24 hours a day. The secret stay in the unmistakable combination of the strength of Sicilian wines with a mix of herbs from Piemonte mountains and exotic spices .
  • It is for that reason that vermouth Carpano is the world original.
  • 1000ml x 6 bottles
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