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Chase Rhubarb Vodka 40% 700ml

Chase Rhubarb Vodka 40% 700ml

  • Imported from England. 
  • Chase Rhubarb Vodka is made with carefully pressed rhubarb which is Herefordshire grown , to give it a subtle sweetness and a natural scent, without using any artificial ingredients.

  • Chase slowly cook Herefordshire rhubarb, then marinade it with their award-winning, three times distilled Chase Original Vodka. The mixture is distilled a fourth time in Chase's copper pot still to infuse the flavours, before maceration with fresh rhubarb and filtering. Its soft and gentle flavour is like rhubarb and custard.

  • Recommend enjoying in a Champagne cocktail served with a vanilla pod-it tastes just like rhubarb crumble. Or on its own with a good quality tonic and ice

  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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