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Clément Mahina Coconut Liqueur 18% 700ml

Clément Mahina Coconut Liqueur 18% 700ml

  • Imported from Martinique.
  • A bright French Caribbean coconut delicacy, Mahina Coco is crafted luscious pieces of young coconut soused with Rhum Agricole.
  • This rhum is made with juice from the first pressing of sugar cane and it is distilled once. The rhum rests for 9 months in a stainless steel vat and is slowly reduced with distilled volcanic spring water.
  • The aroma is sweet coconut, and vanilla frosting with a rhum backing. The sweet coconut and sugar cane entry is joined by rhum flavor and builds to a tangy sweet pineapple peak. It fades with creamy rhum taste, and finishes with a syrupy mild rhum burn. While sweet, Clement does not bury the rhum flavor like many of the coconut flavored rums do. 
  • Gold Award in Concours International de Bruxelles 2015

  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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