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Clément Canne Bleue 2017 50% 700ml

Clément Canne Bleue 2017 50% 700ml

  • Imported from Martinique.
  • Crafted from the intensely aromatic juice of one varietal sugarcane, Canne Bleue is an exceptional white rhum produced from only blue sugarcane.
  • Since 2000 Rhum Clement has released a unique annual edition of this mono-varietal Rhum Agricole. Each edition in this collection of Canne Bleue boasts a singular aromatic profile complimented by a variety of fruity and floral notes.
  • The 2017 edition of Canne Bleue boasts an exceptional profile. The mouth reveals a sweet fruited notes of sugarcane, citrus and lychee which are complimented with light hints of pepper and pink peppercorn. The flavor profile is effortlessly balanced with a lively vegetal aromatic bouquet of mint and fresh cut cane stalk. The complex sensational aromas fully blossom and persist on a beautiful long finish.
  • The 2017 edition of Canne Bleue design joins the iconic limited edition series of Rhum Clement Canne Bleue. This year, the bottle was adorned with copper as an ode to the copper Creole Column used to distill this elixir. At the same time, this unparalleled copper trend has been adopted and embraced by the international world of luxury, cocktails and fashion.
  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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