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Coca Buton Liqueur 36.5% 700ml

Coca Buton Liqueur 36.5% 700ml

  • Imported from Italy.

  • Coca Buton, with its unmistakable bright green colour and a unique and exotic taste, is still produced today following the ancient recipe. It is the only Italian liqueur made from coca leaves of Peruvian origin, carefully selected to guarantee excellent quality and distilled with an artisanal method to extract only the most valuable parts, rich in aromatic properties.

  • Decidedly sweet, with a silky and velvety consistency, with mainly herbaceous/vegetal and delicate floral notes due to the coca leaves, with black tea with bergamot (Earl Grey), mallow and citrus peel standing out; the finish is moderately bitter.

  • Available in 700ml x 6 glass bottle.

  • §Alcohol content: 16%

  • Alcohol content: 36.5 %

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