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Gaspard de M.  Armagnac V.S. 45.3% 700ml

Gaspard de M. Armagnac V.S. 45.3% 700ml

  • Imported from France.

  • Gaspard de M. Armagnac pays tribute to Joseph-Gaspard de Maniban, a French high dignitaries family member, who became the first President of the Toulouse Parliament in 1722. His daughter, Marquess Marie-Christine de Livry, introduced the Armagnac to the Royal court of King Louis XV. Great land owners in Gascony, the Manibans were one of the most important Armagnac producers in the 18th century. One of their castles, The Château de Maniban, accommodated one of the region’s largest Armagnac inventories. These unique cellars, dating back from the 16th century, are the ones used nowadays to age Gaspard de M. Armagnac, under the constant watch of the estate’s wise indigenous owls.

  • Entirely crafted at the Château de Maniban estate and produced by the Castarède family, the first and oldest Armagnac house established in 1832.

  • Gaspard de M. Bas Armagnac is a new range of Armagnac dedicated to cocktails.

  • The blend of Ugni-Blanc and Colombard grapes sustainably grown on tawny sands in the highly rated Bas Armagnac region, single distilled in a continuous Armagnac & aged a minimum of 3 years in Black Gascon oak barrels, is the perfect base for brandy-based cocktails such as a Armagnac Stinger, Smash, Sidecar, Alexander or revisited classic likes  Sazerac of Manhattan.

  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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