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Gin MG Original Extra Dry 40% 700ml

Gin MG Original Extra Dry 40% 700ml

  • Imported from Spain.
  • MG Distilleries was founded in 1835.
  • In 1940, it commenced the distillation of gin, being one of the first to be produced in Spain.
  • For over 5 generations, Destilieras MG, a family run distillery in Vilanova, keeps the original recipe, based on the essence of its gin: juniper.
  • At Destilieras MG, they distill exclusively their pre-selected & hand-picked juniper beeries from some 2,000 hectares of files on their private farming estate.
  • Gin MG is distilled following the London Dry Gin method. The distillation method is characterised by doing without cloying sugars that mask the original taste of the botanicals used, in their case, juniper, the essence of GIN MG
  • Back to the original 1940 recipe handmade & from copper solely cereal based alcohol.
  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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