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Le Tribute Mezcal Aritisanal Joven 45% 700ml

Le Tribute Mezcal Aritisanal Joven 45% 700ml

  • Imported from Mexico.
  • Le Tribute mezcal is made following the traditional method in Durango, Mexico. Its production is regulated by the strict official Mexican standard and is produced under the NOM-D248G. Uriel Simental, the Maestro Mezcalero, is in charge of controlling the process under the unique and exclusive recipe of LE TRIBUTE, which is made in the plant of Bosscal Company.
  • 100% Mature Cenizo Silvestre Agave. Despite being a silvestre, Le Tribute plant 2 agave plants for each one that it harvests, thus guaranteeing long-term production. Le Tribute also use 150% more agave than is necessary to produce the highest quality liquid.
  • Production Process: A 1.5cm ‘jima’. The ‘jima’ is the cut of the agave leaves. While others are cut at 5cm, we cut ours at 1.5cm. The less that is cut, the less bitter the final liquid will be, although it is much more costly to produce. For this reason they declare that LE TRIBUTE mezcal is “puro corazón”: put simply, we keep the heart of the agave plant, the part which contains the highest level and quality of sugar.
  • Artisanal. All production is carried out entirely by hand; from the harvesting of the agave plant and its transport to the stone ovens, to the production of the ovens, the grinding of the agave and the packaging and labelling of the product.
  • 700ml x 3 bottles
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