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Nocino Benvenuti Walnut Liqueur 34% 700ml

Nocino Benvenuti Walnut Liqueur 34% 700ml

  • Imported from Italy.

  • Nocino Benvenuti is made from Italian walnuts only.

  • Tradition has it that the hulls are harvested on June 24 on the night of San Giovanni (Italian for “St. John”), and then undergo a 9-month long maceration process.

  • ​The macerate is then tapped and the hulls, still soaked, are lightly pressed, in order to recover all the precious nectar that will form the base of the liqueur.

  • This exotic liqueur is produced from green walnuts, harvested whle they are still young and yet to form a hard shell. They are then macerated for 9 months to produce a beautiful walnut nectar.

  • Available in 700ml §x 6 glass bottle.

  • Alcohol content: 34 %

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