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Redemption Bourbon Whiskey 42% 750ml

Redemption Bourbon Whiskey 42% 750ml

  • Imported from USA.
  • It is carefully hand-crafted in the river town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana at 168-year-old MGP Distillery.
  • This bourbon was carefully crafted to highlight the classic flavors of the highest quality bourbons – a true reflection of “America’s Native Spirit”.
  • Mash bill: 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt
  • The high amount of corn gives this bourbon a classic sweet taste with notes of vanilla and caramel from the wood, and the rye adds some light spice avor. Bottled at 84 proof for a lighter experience, great on the rocks or in mixed drinks.
  • Each bottle of Redemption whiskey is hand numbered to reflect the batch and bottle, a sign of the attention to detail put into making the final product.
  • 750ml x 12 bottles
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