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Redemption Rye Whiskey 46% 750ml

Redemption Rye Whiskey 46% 750ml

  • Imported from USA.
  • Redemption Rye whiskey is a true American original from the award-winning Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. It’s carefully hand-crafted in the river town of Lawrenceburg, Indiana at 168-year-old MGP Distillery.
  • While the USA Federal law states that a whisky must be 51% rye grain to be classified as a rye, Redemption Rye whiskey is made from a mash-bill of 95% premium rye. This not only pushed its flavour forward but also magnified the unique profile of the rye grains.
  • Mash bill: 95% rye, 5% barley malt
  • Average age of 2.5 years, aged in new charred oak barrels
  • Redemption Rye is great for sipping or mixing in a classic cocktail. (Think Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Sazerac).
  • Award winning Double Gold medals 2016 by Critics Challenge International Wine & Spirits Competition.
  • 750ml x 12 bottles
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