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Ron Santisima Trinidad de Cuba 15 Years 40.7% 700ml

Ron Santisima Trinidad de Cuba 15 Years 40.7% 700ml

  • Bottled in Cuba.

  • Santisima Trinidad is the town in Cuba where the rum is made.

  • The distiller was founded in 1944. Santísima Trinidad de Cuba is an exception: it is extremely complicated to launch a Cuban rum on the market with the consent of the Cuban government and the essential participation of the master rum makers.

  • Santisima Trinidad fulfils and exceeds the requirements of the Cuban rum designation of origin.

  • This is the result of 3 stages of ageing. In the first stage the liquors are aged for at least 4 years before being blended into the base rums. These base rums, made from liquors and alcohols distilled from cane sugar, are aged in our cellars for 3, 7,15 or 25 years to achieve the desired taste and aroma profiles. This new 15 year-old rum is aged further in exhausted barrels to then go on to a third stage of ageing, in which all its components are rounded out.

  • 700ml x 3 bottles
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