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Silent Pool Kaffir Lime Mist

Silent Pool Kaffir Lime Mist

  • Imported from England.

  • Silent Pool have come up with their Liquid Garnish for cocktail bar.

  • Since the sense of smell contributes up to 80% of the flavour experience when drinking, you can be sure that your 'liquid garnish' is as important as the drink in your glass.

  • The innovative mists remove the hassle associated with a fresh garnish.

  • These innovative new liquid garnishes are the perfect accompaniment to your G&T as well as your favourite cocktails. The sprays are designed to enhance your drink in the same way as fresh ingredients.

  • Silent Pool Mist Kaffir Lime brings a refreshing crispy zing is perfect for citrus and London dry gins.

  • 2 sprays directly into your glass will allow the flavours to infuse with your drink of choice.

  • Each bottle contains 240 sprays which will garnish up to 120 of your favorite drinks.

  • Available in 30ml x 40  glass bottle.

  • Alcohol liquid garnish content: 50%

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