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Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin 43% 700ml

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin 43% 700ml

  • Imported from England.

  • Silent Pool Gin is produced on the Albury Estate in the Surrey Hills, right next to the Silent Pool, a beautiful, mysterious spring-fed lake - what a place to create a gin!

  • Rare Citrus is a naturally distilled and masterfully blended spirit that uses some of the world’s rarest citrus fruits to create a refreshingly distinctive and beautifully aromatic gin.

  • Inside the zesty tipple you'll find Buddha’s hand, Seville orange, natsudaidai (a hybrid of orange and pomelo)

  • This innovative and alluring gin opens up further serve options at the bar and creates an opportunity for the consumer to explore the brand further.

  • Available in 700ml x 6 glass bottle

  • Alcohol content: 43%

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