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Tomarchio Organic Sparkling Juices 275ml – Mandarin

Tomarchio Organic Sparkling Juices 275ml – Mandarin

  • Sparkling fruit drink from Italy since 1920
  • Made from organic fruit juice
  • All growers are organic certified and monitored by the local authorities for compliance with the organic and PDI codes
  • The fruits are mostly hand picked still today, using the classic citrus scissors (most of the growers which are over 1000 in Sicily) are still labor intensive family businesses
  • The fruits are processed on the same day of the harvest
  • The recipes remain the same as developed by the company founder in 1920
  • The water for Tomarchio sodas stems from the near volcano Etna With its peculiar mineral content, it gives our sodas their unique taste and pulp
  • Available in 275 ml x 24 packing size in glass bottle
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