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Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin 40 % 700ml

Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin 40 % 700ml

  • Imported from Japan.

  • UKIYO = “Floating World”. The term Ukiyo refers to a state of mind emphasising living in the moment, detached from the difficulties of life.

  • Ukiyo Japanese Gin is born in Kagoshima 鹿児島, and made from a base of traditional Japanese shochu spirit.

  • Ukiyo Blossom Gin is made from a harvest of barley that is first distilled into a traditional Japanese pot still shochu spirit.

  • This shochu spirit is redistilled in a traditional pot still with juniper, mandarin and spice before infusing the delicate taste of sakura flower.

  • Available in  700ml x 6 glass bottle.

  • Alcohol content: 40%

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