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GOD by Godet Cognac 70.6% 350ml

  • Imported from France.

  • The most powerful cognac ever released.

  • Aging 4 years in French Oak barrel with blending of 100% Petite Champagne.

  • GOD is a cognac of a new genre; cask SUPER strength. Since distillation, this cognac has been in only 1 barrel, not seen daylight, not seen another cognac or diluted with water. No caramel or sugar added and no blending before bottling.

  • God is as raw as it is pure. The only alteration is due to time in wood & the angels.

  • The exceptionally high alcohol content (TAV) of these cognacs makes them dangerous if not handled with care and drank responsibly.

  • It is advised to water them down, with cold and pure water before sipping.

  • We called these new cognacs "GOD" in reference to the alcohol the Angels will never get.

  • Available in 350ml x 12 glass bottle.

  • Alcohol content:70.6 %

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