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Helbings Feiner Organic Aquavit 42% 500ml

  • Imported from Germany.
  • A truly authentic German brand with a proud heritage and connection to Hamburg.
  • Helbing Aquavit is entirely different from Scandinavian Aquavits that are currently dominating the market. It is a truly authentic German brand with rich history.
  • Botique-Aquavit matured for six months in numbered PX sherry barrels, its storage producing the extremely balanced flavour.
  • Inspired by the original Helbing Aquavit recipe from the 19th century, lovingly recreated into a modern version.
  • Resurrected for a limited time only, this edition is limited to 45,000 bottles.
  • Produced and bottled in Hamburg, each bottle is marked with a unique barrel and bottle number, the barrel number referring to the storage of the spirit in selected PX sherry casks Made from 100% organic ingredients
  • 500ml x 6 bottles
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