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Luxardo Bitter Rosso 25% 700ml

  • A Campari-type aperitif in the Luxardo style.
  • Luxardo first made Bitter in 1885.
  • A pleasant aperitif liqueur obtained by the infusion of several herbs and fruits such as: sweet oranges, bitter oranges, rhubarb, mint, marjoram and thyme.
  • A very versatile bitters with a distinctive or striking coloration that helps the aesthetics of a cocktail that calls for a bitter component (many of the others are brown or medicinal black in color).
  • "Luxardo Bitter, on the other hand, offers an even more bracing bitter-forward taste than the Negroni, Luxardo Bitter absolutely shined." - Jason Wilson, The Washington Post

  • Rating: 4+/5 ★ by Diffords’ Guide

  • 700ml x 6 bottles
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