Martin Miller’s 26 Moons Barrel Aged Gin 42% 350ml

  • Imported from England.

  • 26 Moons, single cask rested gin - aged in a pre  used Madeira oak barrel.

  • 26 Moons is blended with Icelandic spring water.

  • Only 960 bottles have been produced only around  480 bottles will be available to the public - with  the remaining amount being kept and relished by  the co-founders.

  • Malaysia was allocated with 28 bottles which is only exclusive available in Asia Pacific!

  • In this cask the oak added very little vanilla  sweetness. Instead, a dry freshness, like unripe  berries underpins juniper. The usual citrus  brightness of Martin Miller’s Gin is evident on the  nose, but there are also soft floral notes in its long,  dry finish.

  • 350ml x 4 bottles