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Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Barrel Aged Gin

  • Imported from England.

  • 9 Moons cask aged gin comes from new bourbon oak casks. They are filled with high strength Martin Miller’s Gin then aged for 9 months, or 9 Moons, in Martin Miller’s Gin’s barrel store in Borgarnes, Iceland.

  • Around 2,000 bottles, each individually numbered, are drawn from the casks and then blended at the source to an optimum bottling strength of 40% with Icelandic spring water, adding that Martin Miller’s smooth quality.

  • Inside the zesty tipple you'll find Buddha’s hand, Seville orange, natsudaidai (a hybrid of orange and pomelo).

  • Available in 350ml x 4 glass bottle.

  • Alcohol content: 40%

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